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Bar Social, Clapham Junction: "This is what we do"



January 13, 2013

I was recently in Clapham Junction, on a bit of a pub crawl, when one of my stops lead me into a pub called: Bar Social. The first thing that I was told there was that they did not carry any Jack Daniel's, which forced me into putting Jameson into my drink. This on it's own is little of a problem, but it was combined with a soundtrack provided by the bar's playlist that was definitely in no way entertaining. When finally a new low was reached by the first notes of Oasis' Wonderwall, I decided to go back up to the bar, and asked them—nicely—if they could skip this one track. Apparently this was not possible, even though I am quite sure that all they needed to do was hit the 'next track' button. Bar Social's staff—and manager—seem to be unwilling to really accomodate their clientele, develop musical taste, or be anything less than English in nature.

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British have to choose who is to be on the Ten Pound note



December 23, 2012

There is a chance that there will soon be a ten pound note, with the face of Robbie Williams on it. He is, at the moment, on of the most popular people in Britian, and has a chance to be depicted on the bank note. The Bank of England has released a short-list containing 150 names.

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Project Glass, Augmented Reality



January 17, 2013

Google is working on Project Glass, a pair of augmented reality specs, that are capable, for instance, to project a virtual keyboard on the arm or hand of its user. Engadget discovered this through a patent application earlier this week.

In the application, Google speeks of a pair of glasses with a laser and a camera. The laser projects a keyboard, or arbitrary buttons on any surface, like an arm, hand, or even a wall.

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Casillas wants to prove Mourinho wrong



December 23, 2012

Goal keeper Iker Casillas wants to prove to his coach Jose Mourinho that he was passed wrongfully. The Spanish keeper stood, last saturday against Malaga, for the first time in ten years not at the base with the Spanish club.

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Tim Burton, predictable and boring



December 20, 2012

Tim Burton has yet another movie made with Johnny Depp. Umpteenth in the series, I suspected from the moment I saw the trailer, the usual format would stand, and there would be little new to be discovered.

I used to dislike Tim Burton just because every time in his movies I saw a chimney, it was the same chimney as the movie before. Now I dislike him even more because he makes his format so obvious.

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Winter solstice art: the dark night rises



December 23, 2012

"Halfway out of the dark", as Doctor Who put it in that Christmas special with the flying shark. To continue the Time Lord's observation, humans have always celebrated the middle of winter, when the dark days reach their limit and the light begins its gradual return.

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